Towngas Avenue – Celebration of Creativity and Comfort.

Towngas Avenue embraces modern quality living and celebrates the enjoyment of life. The panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour extends your oasis of imagination with a boulevard of culinary and shopping experiences leading to it. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Towngas Avenue is conveniently accessible for those searching for a unique lifestyle journey. Created to satisfy the demand for comfort and pleasure, this dynamic promenade of diversity houses a Towngas Avenue lifestyle showroom where our much treasured customers can try out the different Towngas appliances. Live demonstrations are held with their favourite products and we make sure that a full range of customer services is enjoyed.

Mia Cucina – Your Innovative Kitchen Architect.

The launch of Mia Cucina has brought the Towngas kitchen concepts to the homes of many happy families. The Mia Cucina team offers exclusive and personalised kitchen layouts that suit the need for a tasteful kitchen or kitchen stations with top-quality furniture and equipment. Part of the Towngas’ heritage and expertise in culinary art, Mia Cucina is committed to bringing out the best of your own stylish kitchen.

Flame – Lights Up A Unique Culinary Theme in Your Gatherings.

The renowned “Flame” restaurant unveils an innovative and premium dining experience; and is your creative arena for private events and parties, let alone a little get-away haven on the spacious podium overlooking the Victoria Harbour. Invitees at your parties have the opportunity to showcase their culinary talent and share the joy of flame cooking at the DIY-cooking area, bringing everybody closer together over light-hearted culinary fun. Through these up close and personal innovations as well as interactions Towngas Avenue embarks you on a journey to explore the fun-loving and effervescent Towngas lifestyle concept.

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    Towngas Avenue

  • Tsim Sha Tsui
    2367 2713