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Flame Signature 8-Piece Mini Mooncake Gift Box

An eight-piece mini-mooncake gift box featuring four flavours, including Golden Egg Custard, Egg Custard Lava, Black Sesame Mochi, and Caramel and Chestnut Mochi. Each distinctive flavour brings a warm-hearted feeling to this auspicious occasion!

【Golden Egg Custard】

These classic mooncakes contain a rich filling made of creamy salted egg yolk encased in a golden shortcrust pastry with a long-lasting aftertaste.

【Egg Custard Lava】

This mooncake oozes with a luscious golden lava filling of salted egg yolk custard when sliced open.

【Black Sesame Mochi】

Chew this rich mooncake well to unleash the luscious black sesame flavour.

【Caramel and Chestnut Mochi】

This mooncake has a velvety texture infused with a hint of caramel to create a delightful taste sensation.

Enjoy early bird special price $198 / per box on or before 3 September 2021

(original price $298)

Mooncake gift certificate is also available at Towngas Avenue, Towngas cooking center and TG Fun

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